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I​n order to be a member you are required to :

  • possess technical or ministry training

  • complete an application and be interviewed by a member of LPA Council or Chapter President

  • complete the Line Process

  • be under the covering of or actively seeking a church home.

  • attend a community service project once a month

  • attend monthly meetings and chapter events

  • pay monthly assessments/annual assessment



We prohibit discrimination by any component part of Lambda Psi Alpha Sorority or by any person acting on behalf of this organization on the basis of race, national origin, age, handicap, appearance or social status. 


We will accept ladies that are members of other organizations including national sororities, but we do not accept dual membership of another Christian or Christian base sorority.



Lambda Psi Alpha Sorority does not haze. Hazing is humiliating, stupid, dangerous and illegal. Hazing is definitely against the laws of God. 


Hazing is defined as any unreasonable requirement of activity of new members and/or members which endangers the physical well-being of the individual, produces physical or mental discomfort, causes embarrassment, humiliation or ridicule or in any way degrades the individual.



Lambda Psi Alpha Sorority will accept members who desire to remain with their organization but want to connect with Lambda Psi Alpha Sorority through service projects and/or sponsored events.

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