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In December 2017, Prophetess Jada Sumter and a minister friend of hers met for lunch to discuss continuing servicing the community through various service projects. They called a fellow friend, Lynn Bookert, to ask if she wanted to join them in their endeavors, and during this conversation, Jada Sumter was asked if she ever thought about forming a sorority.  


               After praying and fasting, On December 27, 2017, in Columbia, South Carolina, Jada, Lynn, and another anointed friend received the vision, executed the plan, and watched God work in their favor.  This organization would be for Kingdom-minded women who would not be judged by their walk-in life or the things they had endured in past relationships, but who desired to grow spiritually, physically, and socially, while serving the surrounding communities and abroad. This organization would provide women with the opportunity to become part of the Christian Greek community. 

                The trio continued to commune with God and collaborate regularly on this new endeavor.  The sorority’s name, mission, motto, colors, flower, and symbol were revealed within days. God gave specific instructions and direction of this Kingdom movement. 

                On February 17, 2018 in Columbia, South Carolina, Lambda Psi Alpha Sorority, Inc. was birthed and the first line, the “LPA Council” completed the pledge process.   Through commitment, prayer, and the support of our sisters near and far, Lambda Psi Alpha Sorority, Inc will be a pillar in the community spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serving others.

                On November 3, 2018, Lambda Psi Alpha Sorority officially became an International Sorority!  The legacy continues… AHAVA!



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